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About the MoCPA Ruby Society:

The Ruby Society is a distinctive giving society that capitalizes on MoCPA’s core values of inclusiveness in and access to association-wide involvement and decision-making and the continuous professional development and personal growth of student affairs professionals throughout the state of Missouri.  Members of the Ruby Society give a minimum of $40, which will be targeted at opportunities for graduate students and professionals at community colleges.  This donor commitment strengthens our mission to promote, support, and foster college student learning and development through the generation and dissemination of knowledge.  The ruby was chosen as the image of the society in order to commemorate the 40-year history of MoCPA; the ruby of course being the 40-year stone.  The Ruby Society officially launched at the 2011 Fall Conference at Lake of the Ozarks, during MoCPA’s 40th Anniversary.


History of the MoCPA Ruby Society:

The Ruby Society supports the work of both graduate students and community college professionals, which makes it a unique foundation. Graduate students oftentimes do not possess the means necessary to pursue professional and scholarly activities, such as attending conferences or publishing research.  Therefore, part of the mission of the Ruby Society is to financially support graduate students as they pursue professional and scholarly development that will promote the future of student affairs. Additionally, professionals at community colleges are too often underrepresented at statewide conferences and in association decision-making.  Supporting community college professionals is an important part of our history.  A group led by Marie T. Bergmann, a retired community college professional from St. Louis Community College – Meramec, founded MoCPA in 1971, along with three other members from community colleges.  MoCPA’s first-ever President, Joyce Fielding, was a professional at State Fair Community College.  However, in MoCPA’s 40-year history, only six Presidents have ever been from community colleges, the last one in 2005.  Part of the mission of the Ruby Society is to encourage more professionals from community colleges to take an active role in the leadership, vision, and future of MoCPA.


Member Benefits of the MoCPA Ruby Society:

Members will receive yearly briefings from the President of MoCPA, individual and group recognition at the annual fall conference, an exclusive Ruby Society membership pin, as well as acknowledgment on the MoCPA website and in the Annual Report. In addition, MoCPA welcomes the opportunity each year to celebrate and recognize the generosity of its leading donors and their commitment to the Ruby Society.  The Ruby Society Reception is just one way in which we have the privilege of saying ‘thank you’ for your support of graduate students and community college professionals. The reception gives you a chance to meet and interact with others whose commitment to MoCPA matches yours.


Donate to the MoCPA Ruby Society:

Members of the Ruby Society contribute significantly to our history, our present and our future.  These gifts have provided opportunities for graduate students and professionals at community colleges to take advantage of professional development, scholarly pursuits, and the development of innovative practices. You can support graduate students and community college professionals pursue professional and scholarly development. With your support, MoCPA will provide direct opportunities to attend conferences, publish research, and develop innovative new practices. Please donate today—and help others reach their professional goals. To donate, please contact Scott Shields at [email protected] or 660.562.1969


MoCPA Ruby Society Members:

Jennifer Fellabaum, University of Missouri
Joe Gilgour, State Fair Community College
Aimee Rea, Northwest Missouri State University
Nicollete Yevich, Central Methodist University
Cary Chelladurai, University of Missouri – Kansas City
Nathan Cheesman, University of Missouri
Scott Shields, Northwest Missouri State University
Todd J. Foley, Saint Louis University
Jackie Elliott, North Arkansas College
Jackie Weber, Westminster College
Tara Napoleone-Clifford, University of Central Missouri
Venita Mitchell, William Woods University
Jaqlyn E. Underwood, University of Central Missouri

*Donations are tax deductible